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With a money-back guarantee, our family business has allocated tens of thousands of remanufactured enginesrebuilt engines, used transmissions as well as used engine blocks, power trains, transfer cases across the contiguous United States and Canada for a quarter-century. Purchasing a remanufactured engine or rebuilt engine is not a fly-by-night deal. It’s your investment.

It’s one that takes consideration without bothersome advertising or greedy salespersons looking to shuffle inventory. Instead, your investment needs to be acquired appropriately, delivered correctly, and installed safely. You need reliability to fall back on for the long haul.

Our competitors are frothing at the mouth for your order with dozens of telephone representatives saddled in front of monitors waiting to digitize you. Some businesses consider enormous store-houses and call-centers advantageous but their intentions are to move parts.

As long as parts are moving the money is, too. They do so without regard to consequences – erroneous deliveries, by-passed inspections, digitizing consumers while emptying their wallets from bloated prices supporting that massive infrastructure. Sure, they’ll reship another part because it keeps inventory moving and then they’ll stiff you with a re-stocking fee to boot.

TJ Auto Spares is about relationships and maintaining realistic inventories and activities. Our cost-effective business model allows us to focus on you. This was our core value upon startup designated for the establishment of long-term success and to set the benchmark within the industry.




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